Volleyball isn’t just for girls

Annica Ortega, Photography Editor

When you first think of volleyball, many people think of girls serving and hitting a ball over the net, but Coach  Brittany Harvey has decided to break that gender role by making an official AHS boys volleyball team.

A new boys team will compete among others in the Inland Valley League.

CIF has also approved the new team so championships are on the minds of new players.

Although this won’t be the first team that has ever existed, it’s a first for Arlington in a long while.

“We have a lot of potential and the boys are already progressing rapidly,” said Harvey.

“I see us being a very competitive team this season, even with the fact that it will be the first time we have a team,” she said.

On the varsity team so far, there are 11 players, while JV has 14.

The varsity team consists of junior Mark Acosta, junior Joshua Fuentes, senior Adrian Gomez, senior Luis Gonzalez, senior Ulises Lopez, junior Diego Mendoza, senior Joseph Ochoa, senior Fernando Rodriguez and sophomore Kyle Suk.

Many students had shown interest in joining this program, which has sparked Marc Dubuisson, the assistant principal of athletics, and Harvey to take action.

“We had students who were interested in playing boys volleyball,” said Dubuisson.

“There were quite a few boys that had expressed interest and they had tried previously so I was motivated to make it work this year,” said Harvey.

“I’ve always liked volleyball,” said senior Fernando Rodriguez, “I always wished that we had a men’s volleyball team here at Arlington. When I heard that we needed guys to make it happen here at Arlington, I was 100 percent in.”

“The sky’s the limit for this program,” said Dubuisson.

The majority of the new players don’t have experience in volleyball.

“I have not played on an organized volleyball team before, [I play] only for fun with friends,” said Rodriguez.

“I thought it would be fun and a new experience to try it, and plus it would be really cool to be a part of the first ever team,” said junior Joshua Fuentes.

As for funding for the boys’ volleyball team, it is all up to Harvey and her players The team is fundraising at Applebee’s on Feb. 18 in Corona.

So far, the players are friendly with each other and are already beginning to turn into a lion family.

“I believe that we have a determined group of guys who are ready to work hard and give it their all to have a good season,” said Rodriguez.