Student shines in band solos

Ashlee Stamp, Humans of Arlington Editor

Individuality is something that every high school student strives to have.
Senior Litzy Zaragoza knows all about being unique, being the only one to play piccolo in our school’s band.
Since the fifth grade Zaragoza has been interested in music.
“I wanted to play the saxophone at first but when my parents saw that it costs so much they decided to buy me a flute instead,” said Zaragoza.

Senior Litzy Zaragoza at North High School

She switched to the piccolo at the beginning of her junior year after the band’s last piccolo player, Ally Riddle, graduated making her a vital musician for the band.
Zaragoza said that she enjoyed playing the soloistic instrument.
“It’s pretty cool and having that attention towards me makes me feel special and important.”
Although she has both a solo and a duet in the 2017 marching band field show, she admits to getting really nervous every performance.
“She is very very good. She plays very soloistically. She’s almost always in tune and her tone quality is always clean. She has a big sound that stands out really well,” said duet partner and senior Nikolas Raspudic.
“She’s a very excitement-inducing person and very sweet. The way she plays her instrument reflects it because she plays with so much emotion and passion that you can see it on her face as well as hear it whether it’s in a solo or in an ensemble setting,” said junior Raven Hall.
“I haven’t decided what I want to do yet, but I know that majoring in music is one of my options.” said Zaragoza regarding her future in music.