Lions to ‘unplug’ at Daily Brew

Evan Rodriguez, News Editor

Ready to get groovy at the Brew?

This year’s brand new Music Culture Club is hosting the first ever “Lions Unplugged” event.

Taking the name from MTV’s own “MTV Unplugged” students will be able to showcase their talents in a stripped down acoustic rendition of their favorite songs.

“Our goal is to create a comfortable environment for students to share and express themselves,” said Mariella Alcala, senior, the president of the Music Culture Club.

While this is a singing event, the officers of the club want everyone to know that this isn’t a competition event, but it isn’t exactly karaoke either.

In order to perform at the event, students must “send a demo of the song that they’re performing the night of the event,” said Alcala.

Students planning on auditioning for the event should know that there are guidelines to the songs they will be able to perform

For starters, “no profanity will be allowed in the songs performed. This is a family and school event, so songs should be kept appropriate,” said the club’s advisor, Reid Harrison.

Also, songs should be able to be performed acoustically. This means that a track won’t be played with the student singing over it, similar to karaoke.

This performance should be considered a completely stripped down performance, meaning that the only equipment that should be used are a mic and any live instruments that accompany the singing.

“Lions Unplugged” will take place at Riverside’s very own Daily Brew on Dec. 8th at 7 with tickets being sold at the door for $3, so make sure to be ready to listen to some good music, raw talent, and holiday drinks.