Student captures precious moments

Bryanna Caloca, Sports Editor

Photography is about the photographer and how he can capture a single moment in time. “Honestly, I just want to show the real life, not what’s polished,” Brian Grimaldo, senior, said. Grimaldo picked up photography as a hobby in 2013 and has been loving it ever since. He enjoys capturing the emotions every moment holds. “I just recently got into portraits. I guess, I just don’t like studio,” Grimaldo said.
He enjoys doing portrait photography because it allows him to capture emotions the person is displaying, whereas studio photography is focused primarily on capturing what is ideally seen by society. He also likes taking pictures of what’s real and not what’s pretty and perfect as captured in studio photography. Despite being self taught, Grimaldo is always looking for ways to better improve his photography skills.

“I like seeing other people’s work. Seeing what they can do with
the same gear,” he said. He uses other people’s pictures as motivation to continually improve his photography. Grimaldo explained that something that’s associated with his style is the desaturation of photos. He uses various equipment when photographing such as Lightroom, Photoshop and his Nikon D200 camera. The young photographer recently traveled with his mom to Mexico and had the opportunity to see where she grew up as a child. He said that it was one of his favorite destinations to photograph because of the sentimental values it held to him. Grimaldo shares his vision of raw emotion and real life through his Instagram account @brian.jpeg, which has more than 12,000 followers. His photography differs from those around him because he looks for the angle that will capture the true emotion of a moment. The young photographer also received recognition from The Press Enterprise in April 2016 and had an entire article about his photography published in the newspaper. Grimaldo explained how this hobby has become a true passion of his and how he would like to pursue it as a career. Aside from photography, another hobby of Grimaldo’s is cinematography. He enjoys making short films, music videos, and plans to start creating documentaries. “I want to incorporate film and photography. Maybe make a movie,” he said. He would like to make a movie with pictures throughout the film because he wants to share how they tell a story. With the success he plans to have through photography, Grimaldo explained that he would also like to travel the world and have the opportunity to learn about other cultures. Grimaldo’s photography is definitely unique and he captures the value of a moment before it’s gone.Courtesy of Brian Grimaldo

Brian Grimaldo doing what he loves.
Courtesy of Brian Grimaldo
Brian Grimaldo doing what he loves.