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Students recall haunted experiences

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It’s Halloween month and that means costumes, candy, and haunted houses!

Haunted houses could be the first attraction to think about this month.

Some haunted houses are amazing and some are just horrible.

“About a year ago I went towards Old Town San Diego to check out The Whaley House. Walking in I expected to feel some chills, as the house was very hyped up on social media,” Leslie Alvarado, junior.

The social media is not all it was cracked up to be.

It gave the haunted house great reviews that it didn’t deserve.

“I expected to feel creeped out or have chills down my spine, which disappointingly I didn’t,” Alvarado added.

“When I was young I did go to a haunted house. I was scared obviously because I was a child. They gave me candy though.” said Adan Tenerio, senior.

“It was a good to experience that as a little kid even though I was terrified,” he added.

“It is a little town called Running Springs. I remember having to walk around some trees to get to the haunted house. It was abandoned and old that even the paint was pealing off,” said Kendrick Garcia, junior.

“My friends and I went through the back and walked to the bottom level. All of a sudden the lights turned off and would not turn back on. So we all ran back to the top floor and left” he added.

“I never went back there. Although I was scared, it was very exciting experience. I liked how pumped up I was,” Garcia said.

What about for people who have never been to a haunted house before?

“I have never been to a haunted house before but it would be an amazing experience,” said Eric Gutierrez, junior.

“I would like to see ghost roaming around and seeing the house having a creepy feature to it. Like weird noises and things oddly misplaced,” he added.

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Students recall haunted experiences