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Students remember favorite teachers

Ysabelle Orillos, Opinions Editor

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Growing up, school is like our second home.  From eight in the morning to two in the afternoon, almost half of our waking moments are spent at school.  Teachers become our second parents and often inspire us to do our best.

Cassie Ketenbrink, sophomore, credits her hardworking skills to her 5th grade teacher at Jackson Elementary, Lisa Straitt.

“She made us take Cornell notes and gave us homework every night and checked it first thing in the morning.  She didn’t let us slack off,” says Ketenbrink.

“She told me that school doesn’t get easier over time.  It gets harder and she wanted us to be prepared not just for middle school or even college but for our future lives and jobs.  She was a great teacher who helped me understand so much better what was going to be expected of me when I grew up.”

Jonathan Gutierrez, junior, explains how his favorite teacher growing up was Valerie Frizzle. “She always coordinated her outfits with our lessons for the day, and she always took us on field trips on her magic school bus.”

Though fictional, “The Magic School Bus” certainly influenced many children across the country, with releases of several books and educational video games.

Another student, senior Jessica Goehring, says she was inspired by 8th grade science teacher Stephanie Fortune-Taylor, formerly from Chemawa Middle School.

“At a time in my life when I really needed someone to talk to, she was always there to listen and share her infinite wisdom.  She is the kindest person I’ve ever met and I always try to live by her philosophy of altruism,” muses Goehring.

So for those of you who accidentally called your childhood teachers “mom,”fear not! With all the time one spends with a teacher, it’s practically impossible not to develop such a bond with them!

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Students remember favorite teachers