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Senior strives for success

Kaitlin Overturf, Editor-in-chief

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Senior Jasmine Rocha is determined to overcome every challenge that may come her way which is why she is Mane Thing’s Student of the Month.

Rocha missed almost three months of school at the beginning of first semester due to illness.

Rocha is currently the treasurer of ASB, which she has been involved with for two years, and she is taking three AP classes so it was very difficult for her to miss school.

“It was really hard. I wanted to come back to school,” said Rocha.

“At a time I was at my weakest, I felt like I had to be my strongest,” she said.

Rocha finally had to accept that her health was the priority.

“For me, that was really hard to come to terms with,” she said. “I am going to have to take care of myself before I take care of anything else.”

Not being able to interact with her friends and come to school was depressing, but she pushed through it by remaining optimistic.

“I just had to think it’s either going to get better or it’s going to get worse so I have to have high hopes that that it’s going to get better,” said Rocha.

Rocha was able to depend on her friends and teachers to support her when she needed it most.

“Anytime anybody ever extended their support or help, I expressed my thanks because I know that I would want to do the same thing for anybody else,” she said.

Her teachers did their best to give her time to get back on her feet once she did return to school.

“I knew that if there was anything that I needed they were there,” she said.

Coming back to school wasn’t as difficult as Rocha thought it would be.

“The hardest part was probably playing catch-up, but for the most part getting back into the swing of things was really pretty easy because I didn’t want people to necessarily feel sorry for me. I didn’t want to make it hard for myself,” said Rocha. “I wanted things to be normal again,” she added.

Despite the challenges she still deals with today because of her illness, Rocha was astounded by what she learned about herself.

“It was astounding to me how much I was able to push through it. It revealed to me my own strength,” said Rocha.

“I became weaker in the physical sense but being able to push through all that made me realize I’ve been fighting this, and I’m actually a strong person.”

Rocha is admired by her peers and teachers for her dedication to everything she does.

“She has a very large responsibility to ensure that we are following the laws for ASB finance set forth by the FCMAT and district officer.  Her dedication to doing it right is stellar,” said Jennifer Pfeffer, ASB Director of Activities.

“Jasmine is the best treasurer I could ever ask for,” said ASB President LJ Valenzuela, senior.

“She is responsible and gets all of her paperwork done on time and efficiently. The school could not run without her,” he said.

She has been in AVID all four years of high school.

“It taught me a lot about college and what to look for in a college,” said Rocha. “It helped me characterize my ideal college life.”

Rocha has already been accepted by UCR, SDSU, and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo.

One thing that has helped her achieve her goals so far has been the way she approaches stressful situations.

Whenever she was frustrated or upset, she would think about how the moment would pass.

“This moment of complete and utter disgust with everything, be it my grades or myself is going to pass. I’m going to see tomorrow,” she said.

Rocha has been playing water polo and swim for three years. She’s been on varsity for two years.

“When I wanted to have a mental breakdown, I would remember that I could jump in the pool at the end of the day,” said Rocha.

“It’s a great sport. It was a fun experience for me to go through, and it’s such a complex game. I love how it challenged me,” she said.

Throughout everything she has gained an appreciation for school and all that comes with it.

“I think it has made me appreciate just being able to come to back to school to hang out with my friends and be out in the open amongst people,” she said.

“Staying up late at night and doing a project or studying for a test the next day is ten times better than that entire experience I went through,” she said.

Rocha isn’t letting anything get in the way of her success.

“Even though we make friends and care about them and we do our best to support others and we grow as people in that aspect, this is our time to really find ourselves, and we can’t let anything really distract us from that,” said Rocha.

“It may mean making sacrifices and losing people along the way but at the end of these four years it’s going to you accepting that diploma and graduating high school,” she explains.

Rocha is both sad and extremely happy about her four years at Arlington coming to a close.

She’s happy because it feels like all of her hard work these past four years is finally coming to something.

“That’s what has kind of made it all worth it, knowing that you’re going to be sitting there with all the people you came into school with,” she said.

“You see how everyone has grown, and you see how you’ve grown, and you’re ready.”

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Senior strives for success