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Determined teacher inspires students to work hard and have fun at school

Jennifer Acosta, Reporter

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Among the outstanding teachers here at AHS is this issue’s Teacher of the Month Wanda Treilter.

“It’s a richly deserved honor. Treilter is someone that goes beyond the normal teacher, and she loves her students. She is also someone who is very trustworthy,” said principal Betsy Schmechel, who has known Treitler for 10 years. Treitler is a very humble person who thinks that she didn’t deserve being teacher of the month any more than any other teacher here.

On the other hand, one of her students begs to differ.

“She is a very hard working teacher and focuses on the student’s academic needs. Ms. Treilter also connects with her students and helps them in any way possible,” said Sophomore Cayla Orrett.

Besides being a teacher, Treitler is also the CSF adviser.

She believes that AHS doesn’t do a good job about bragging.

“We must do a better job at bragging about our school, saying what is good, and not letting bad rumors bring this school down. We have a lot of great schools in our district. All the schools have great programs, but we just need to do a better job at promoting our successful campus,” said Treitler.

Treitler went to Cal Baptist and got her bachelor’s in liberal studies and also multiple studies, meaning she can teach in both elementary school and high school.

She knew from the start that she wanted to become a teacher. She didn’t know what type, but she wanted to teach young adults. Treitler also was very fond of history, so she majored in liberal studies. Since her university didn’t offer history she branched out and took English. She was taking classes to continue and receive her master’s degree, but she doesn’t want to go back to finish her degree, right now. When she was in college she was already married and working, but she still found time to do her hobbies.

Some of her hobbies were shopping, sewing and painting. Treitler has been married for 40 years now and has three children. Throughout her 15 years of teaching she has only taught here at Arlington. When she retires, Treitler want to be able to travel, mainly to Italy and the Bahamas. Even though she doesn’t paint anymore, she would love to take up painting after she retires.

Treitler would also love to take a pottery class, and know how to make a beautiful pot.

She also wants to spend a lot of her money on her grandchildren.

“You’re only going to be in high school once, so have fun. These four years are going to be some of the best years of your life, and they’ll go by so quick. So enjoy them,” she advises. “We have kids that come back asking if they can be in high school again, because they miss it so much. Appreciate the time you have here; go to school events, join clubs, join sports, become involved.”

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Determined teacher inspires students to work hard and have fun at school