Does old school love need to make a come back?

“Whatever happened to chivalry? Does it only exist in 80s movies? I want John Cusack holding a boom box outside my window. I want to ride off on a lawn mower with Patrick Dempsey. I want Jake from Sixteen Candles waiting outside the church for me. I want Judd Nelson thrusting his fist into the air because he knows he got me. Just once in my life I want my life to be like an 80s movie.”

Doesn’t every girl want this? Everyone wants that perfect date from the love movies.

Movies like Sixteen Candles, The Notebook, Can’t Buy Love, and The Breakfast Club give a lot of girls the hope that this will happen to them once.

Many girls would love to have these fairy tale relationships and at least one girl got this dream.

“My boyfriend asked me out after church one day after he asked my parents to be able to go on a date with me after we had been talking for about two months,” said senior Rebecca Moreno.

Moments like this don’t always happen.

“My date arrived twenty minutes late and made me pay. We just sat there without talking which was super awkward and when I walked out to my car I noticed that someone had backed up into my car and left a dent!! Worse date ever,” said senior Cristal Perez.

Many people believe in love at first sight but the first impression seems to always be important.

“The way the guy asks you on a date makes a huge impression,” said senior Viviana Arroyo.

With all this said, what do girls and guys actually want?

Do students want modern dating or the love story romance?

“I would rather date more modernly, like a movie, unless it was a major anniversary or something like that,” said senior Yolanda Avila.

“I would want a relationship that we could go to the local diner where all my friends were at and we hung out and danced,” said Perez.

Many teenagers dream of that perfect guy/girl or perfect date.

Whether this perfect date is new like Dear John, Safe Haven, or High School Musical or old fashioned like The Notebook, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, or The Breakfast Club it doesn’t matter as long as it is perfect.

“I’d love someone to ride off with me on the lawnmower like Can’t Buy Me Love but I want them to ask me out in person not over text,” said senior Deprise Espinoza.

Even teachers had the perfect date to take their ladies.

“When I was younger I would take my girlfriends to the Drive-in off of Van Buren,” said AP Government teacher John Costa.

Many students explained that they would want to go to the beach, have a bonfire, and a nice dinner.

Others had a lot more ideas for that perfect date.

“I want to have a date exactly like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. That is my favorite 80s movie,” said senior Josiah Kenan.

Not all those movies were from the 80s.

“I love the movie The Cinderella Story,” said Samantha Alegre, senior.

The perfect date doesn’t have to be from the movies.

“I would want us to go to Disneyland all day then go to the Cheesecake Factory and get a whole cheesecake to eat together and then go and sit in the back of a truck and watch the stars then kiss me goodnight,” added Alegre.

“I would love to fill up a bed of a truck with blankets and pillows and sit in the back and watch the stars while listening to music,” said senior Nicholas Griffith.

Some students want to go back to the old days for their perfect date.

“I want to have a picnic in the park,” said Dominique Canahai.

Some people would love to have a relaxed date.

“I would love a guy to take me to Mc Deez, get me a McFlurry, take me home and cuddle with me while watching New Girl,” said senior Audrey Marquez.

“I want to take her to the candy shop,” said junior Tyler Sims.

“I would want someone to take me to Dairy Queen, Olive Garden, and the movies,” said senior Jordan Griner.

Other students are beginning to like modern dating.

“I want to have a dinner on the moon,” said senior Truman Call.

Taking someone to the moon may be crazy but some dates may be outright dangerous.

“I would like to go skydiving,” said junior Steve Lascano.

Freshman Devyn Lewellen added that “I want to take her to a Vegas casino.”

Taking someone to a casino may be thrilling but not as thrilling as some other dates.

“I want to have a date on the rooftop of the mall,” said junior Bianca Lopez.

Dating on the roof could be fun but going to skate can be a lot more fun.

“We want to take our dates to Hunt Park to go skateboarding,” added juniors Maddy Poe and Mariah Lappas.

Even with all the modern ideas for dating students always seem to go back to the movies.

“I want a date from the movies because the movies have all the time and money in the world to have a great relationship,” said junior Jennifer Luu.

Junior LJ Valenzuela added, “I want a relationship like Regina George and Aaron Samuels.”

Movie relationships can make a huge impact on students.

“I want the Titanic relationship, besides the dying part,” said senior Katie Rex.

Junior Andrew Garcia said he wants “to take my date and lie in the middle of the street and look up at the stars just like The Notebook.”