From teammates to best mates

Liana Ariza, Manestream Editor

Everyone always says to join some sort of club, sport, or activity when entering high school because it’s like having a second family.

The soccer team proves exactly that.

Arlington boys soccer team has one of the closest bonds; they are all like brothers. They rely on each other for advice, help and support.

“We preach a culture of brotherhood through hard work. We’re a close knit group and we’re accepting of people who want to share the same values in regards for passion and working hard with each other” said Kevin Watson, soccer coach.

Most of the soccer boys have been playing since they were young, and coming to school to join another family makes them feel great.

“My favorite thing about the team is the sense of having a family away from home” said Harrison Krahn, junior.

Even if someone hasn’t been on the team for the longest time they still take them in and make them feel at home.

“I just moved there (Arlington), so I’m starting to build a bond. Family wise I love them, not only with the passion I have but the passion they have as well,” said Carlos Zuniga, junior.

Zuniga wasn’t the only one who was felt welcomed when he first arrived. So did Andre Mena, senior, when he first came here after living in Brazil all his life.

“I have a passion for soccer. It’s something that I really love. And when I went to the coaches they were really nice to me and said I can join the team. I was really happy about it. They made me feel welcomed,” said Mena.

The team is inseparable. They are together all the time and love doing things together.

“I spend most of the day with my team like between passing period, 6th period, and after school,” said Krahn.

They not only spend time together on campus but off campus as well.

“We also go to parties, the gym and each other’s houses,” adds Krahn.

“Sometimes we all go out. I have this one friend on the team (Jacob Macie, sophomore) and we go dirt biking, (to) the movies, and bowling, which is fun,” said Mena.

Watson is the biggest motivation and inspiration for many of the players.

“Coach Watson is my motivation because he knows way more than us about soccer but also outside the sport he shows us how to grow as a man. He tells us to play with physicality and mentality, being smart and simple,” says Zuniga

While some find inspiration in the coach, others find inspiration within their own teammates.

“My biggest motivator is Andre ‘Brazil’ (Mena) due to his work ethic and love for soccer,” said Krahn.

Recently the team lost one of their great members, Anthony Salas, and while they were all devastated by the news they were there to support each other.

“In hard times, we come talk to each other. Like recently when one of our players Anthony Salas passed away it was hard on us. We would check on each other and see if everything was alright.” said Mena.

“I wasn’t as close to him as other people. But I know he was a really good kid and had a good heart. All his friend would say good things about him,” adds Mena.

“My favorite thing about the team is just our ability to come up with common goals and that special moment when you reach those goals together. Ultimately seeing these boys turn into men and looking forward to being able to see them graduate.” said Watson.