Athletes of the month

Maya Khan, News Editor

Sport: Girls Soccer
Athlete: Lizbeth Areizaga
Position: Defense/Defender
Grade: 12th
GPA: 5.0
What is your the best memory of playing soccer?
“My best memory of playing soccer is having fun at practice. I love that even though we are working hard at practice we still manage to make the most out of it. These girls never fail to make me laugh; they’re the best.”
Is soccer a sport you were put in by your family or did you want to do it for yourself?
“I decided to do soccer myself, but I think partly the reason I took interest in it is because my sister played in high school and I thought it would be fun for me to join as well. When I joined freshman year and actually experienced it, I ended up enjoying it a lot more than I thought. I’m really glad I started playing soccer.”

Sport: Wrestling
Athlete: Robert Blanco
Weight Class: 152
Grade: 12th
GPA: 3.1
How do you feel after a match when you win? Lose?
“When I win, I feel like I gained respect of another wrestler and feel that I made those watching me acknowledge my skills. When I lose, I feel disappointed and want to make sure I can fix what I did wrong in the match.”
Do you see yourself wrestling after high school? If so, why? If not, what do you see yourself doing in the near future?
“No I do not see myself wrestling after high school. I plan on going to RCC and transfering to CSUSB to study in the criminal justice field.”





Sport: Boys Basketball
Athlete: Adrian Antim
Position: Shooting Guard
Grade: 12th
GPA: 3.8
Who has been the biggest influence to you throughout your basketball career?
“Lebron James is my biggest influence because of his work ethic and how he carried a team all by himself to the playoffs.”
What lessons would you say that playing basketball has taught you?
“Playing basketball has taught me to be disciplined and responsibility due to the strict practice schedule.”


Sports: Boys Soccer





Athlete: Erik Leos
Position: Right Back/Center Back
Grade: 12th
GPA: 3.0
Who do you owe your success to? Why?
“I owe my success to my dad. The reason for this is because he was the one to introduce me to the sport. In fact if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have joined any club team, I would be playing in a much less competitive team called “Sunday League”.
What is the best game you have ever had? Why?
“In my opinion, the best game I’ve ever had was probably a quarterfinal loss vs Camarillo High School. I believe this because I felt like no one could stop me down the left side. I defended very well and felt like I was contributing to the attack very well, but we unfortunately lost in penalties.”