Time and effort show devotion



Mariella Alcala takes shot against Valley View on Feb. 1.

Ashlee Stamp, HOA Editor

Passion, integrity and dependability are qualities that many all strive to have.

Senior water polo captain Mariella Alcala has all of these qualities both in and out of the water.

Alcala has been playing water polo for four years and been on varsity for three. In the water, she plays the driver position.

“I’m a driver. The driver is in charge of creating offense during the game,” said Alcala

She said that the hardest part of being captain is, “keeping a positive attitude and being a friend.”

Teammates would say that Alcala is great at both of those.

“Mariella is my best friend. She’s always down to help anyone who needs it and she’s very hands on with everything. If you need help in the pool, she’ll demonstrate it step-by-step for you. Just like if you need help with situations in real life she will give you the best advice for how things will play out. She’s a great captain,” said senior Alyssa Tello

“Mariella is a natural born leader. [She] is passionate about doing the things she loves. As a captain she has impacted the team greatly.

“Mariella leads us to work together as a team,” said senior Jamie Liwag.

Alcala says that having put so much time and effort into the sport it’s something she really cares about. She evn said that she has become quite the sore loser because she knows that the team works so hard.

“… in between games she’s so goofy and playful but in the pool she’s this shark,” said Tello.

Alcala’s commitment in water polo has shown statistically. So far this season, Alcala has played 26 games, made 158 goals (out of 204 points and 286 attempted shots), 46 assists and 90 steals.

This year the varsity team is made up of many younger players but that only adds to Alcala’s dedication.

“We’ve been focusing on them so I just hope that by the end of the season the young girls will have learned new things and had many experiences,” said Acala.

Sophomore McKenna Ortiz said, “She’s literally so sweet and so caring. When anyone else is doing bad and is getting freaked out she gives us a pep talk. She actually cares about her teammates and cares about the game.”

Despite the team having a few younger members, the ladies’ season has been going great so far.

The ladies ended up with an overall record of 16-12 and a league record of 2-2.

Alcala said that she believes that she has become the great player she is because of her encouraging outlook on the games.

She said, “I just want to have fun, so I just keep a positive attitude.”