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Golf team shooting to finish among top

Amena Quinlan, News Editor

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If you crash into a Volkswagen Golf, does that make a hole in one?

Probably not, but you can still watch the AHS golf team get one.

Because this sport isn’t like any other sport it doesn’t draw as many people to participate.

“It takes six members to play in a match but AHS has 10 male players on the team,” said Diego Cabrera, golf coach.

The way it works for all players to participate in a game would be: “If it is a home match they also play in a fourth group. Their scores are ranked against all the AHS players to establish who will play in the next match,” said Cabrera.

Throughout the school there are rumors that AHS has an extremely small golf team but that is not true.

“Our school is not the smallest; there are several schools similar in structure to us,” said Cabrera.

The players on the team are sophomores Shawn Fleisher, Seth Speerstra; juniors Christopher Avila, and Jacob Avila; and seniors Joseph Flores, Tino Medina, Alex Garcia, Joseph Rivaroli, and Jake Munksgaard.

The fight for the No.1 spot on the team is still on going.

“Right now we have a close race for No.1 between Jake Munksgaard, Shawn Fleisher and Joe Flores. All three of them are within around three strokes of each other,” said Cabrera.

The prediction of each season is always exciting when talking about sports because the unexpected can occur.

Our predicted outcome for golf is “we should finish in the top two or three in our league,” said Cabrera.

So far this season golf has only had one match. It was the first match for 2/3 of the players who had never played before.

“This season is going to be interesting. The team only has two returning players. But I am excited and looking forward to this season and progressing in my own game,” said senior Munksgaard.

“This season is having a lot of struggles but my team and I take it a day at a time and work on shooting under,” said Rivaroli.

One cause of the same number of players is because it’s not a very common sport in the area.

“Golf is a ‘generational’ sport. If your parents played, then you play. We do not have many students who have played,” said Cabrera.


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Golf team shooting to finish among top