We must stop bashing CNN and its reporters

Gabriel Godwin, Opinions Editor

Journalists used to be revered and respected, but since President Donald Trump has been in office the job as a journalist has been looked upon as a joke especially journalists at CNN.

Trump famously coined the term “fake news” during the 2016 election and ever since journalists have been vilified.

According to an article published on Aug. 5th on The Guardian.com, “Trump purposefully aggravated matters that evening at a rally in Pennsylvania , mocking the reporters present. ‘They can make anything bad because they are the fake, fake disgusting news,’ he shouted.”

This was covering a rally in Pennsylvania that Trump held in August where he bashed not only  CNN but also other news sources as usual.

I know presidents and the press both never really get along but at least there used to be somewhat of a mutual respect for each other.

However, currently it seems as if Trump and his many supporters around the U.S really actually do believe that media sources such as CNN or MSNBC (as liberal as it really is) are completely deceitful and dishonest.

Even kids here on campus show their dislike of the media.

Sophomore Nick Van Daele said, “CNN is not the best, they tend to move towards the left too much and perform poorly when it comes to reporting facts.” 

I  do believe that CNN really does report facts and to say that they are an unreliable news source is just ignorant.

According to Punditfact.com, a website that rates the percentage of facts and falsehoods used in each media source, CNN uses facts 73% of the time and the other 27 % is biased newstalk.

So, yes, this is a real website that does take the stats of other news sources as well if you want to go check yourself.

Sure CNN has made mistakes in the past, but I assure you that if you were to go on it today you will see well-written articles by reporters such as  Veronica Rocha, Brien Ries and Maegan Vazquez all of whom are hardworking reporters who spend hours perfecting their stories.

Even the personal attack against Jim Acosta is utterly ridiculous and should be taken more seriously.

A president who takes away an esteemed reporter’s White House credentials because he dislikes the way they report is pathetic and I don’t care if you hate CNN or are in love with them, this behavior should not be condoned.

CNN reporters and well reporters of all  kind being called “fake news” is a problem because it’s an insult to all the reporters to just call a news source unreliable or “fake news” because you disagree with them.

It’s putting the people against the press which means that people will start searching for news on other unreliable platforms and they’ll start spreading that and sharing it so it’ll affect more and more people and eventually there’ll be so much actual fake news that no one will even know what’s fact or not.

There are kids on campus, however, who do believe that CNN is reliable.

Senior Evan Chism says this about CNN, “Well I think CNN is pretty neat. I’ve always gone to them for my news and for election coverage. They lean sorta left but they aren’t extreme like MSNBC or Fox.”

So there definitely are students who also believe CNN is trustworthy despite the slip ups they may have had in the past.

I can definitely say that there are other sources that get their facts wrong as well. I’m looking at you Fox.

Can we just back off and let the reporting do the talking because there are definitely well written articles being published daily. Just download the CNN app and check it out for yourself.