There is good in Trump

Samantha Roessler

Many people tend to focus on everything that President Donald Trump has done wrong, but don’t seem to see how he is improving America as a whole.

   To improve our economy, Trump has created nearly 3 million jobs for Americans. 304,000 of those jobs are in manufacturing and 337,000 are in construction. The U.S. unemployment rate is down 3.8 percent.

   Trump made a push to increase tax cuts and advance job acts for American citizens. He signed into law a tax cut on all American families and increased the competition between American Businesses, according to an article published by Fox News.

   Trump also improved the KORUS trade agreement with the Republic of Korea by allowing more U.S. automobile export to South Korea and lowering the tariffs on many of the imported goods. There has been an increase of United States pharmaceutical access to South Korea and our agricultural community gained access to a whole new array of markets, shown in a facts sheet published by White House.

There are many other improvements Donald Trump has made including strengthening our military, improving relationships with foreign countries, and breaking unhealthy foreign ties.

Donald Trump has not been the perfect president. He has made crude comments, sexually harassed women, and is continuously caught up in controversies within and outside politics.

It is a common misconception that being a Trump supporter means we endorse this kind of behavior, many in fact, are strongly against his actions.

One of the most controversial topics surrounding our President is Immigration and the separation of families. Many believe he is wrong in doing so, but many others do not have a problem with it.

When an American citizen commits a crime and must serve time in prison, they are being separated from families. When an immigrant comes to this country illegally, we send them back rather than imprisoning them and they too are separated from their families.

Illegal immigrants are being treated the same as criminals who are citizens, in fact, they are asking for even more rights than a U.S. citizen receives.

Our president is doing his best to get rid of crime in our country. No, not every immigrant is a criminal but, quite a few are, and Trump is doing his best to protect our country and help it thrive.

President Donald Trump has greatly improved America as a whole. He is far from perfect but he has proven to and continues to strength, protect, and advance America as a great president should.