Office Hours should be a welcome addition

Adam Navarro, Opinions Editor

Early into the school year, there is already dissatisfaction surrounding the recently implemented Office Hours. As stated by school staff, this new period was added to create a time for academic progression outside of normal class time.

Due to how early we are in the existence of Office Hours, I think it is unfair to completely dismiss its usefulness. Whenever Office Hours is brought up, I hear so many students complaining about the most trivial of negatives about Office Hours.

Even in the beginning of this school year, Office Hours’ first year, many staff members were saying to be patient, as there will be bumps on the road.

I think that should tell us all that when changes are made in how we conduct our daily schedule, we should be open to them.

A complaint which I have heard often by students is that the day is “longer.” I simply do not understand that reasoning. When we get out of school at the same time, and have shorter periods, how can a day be longer?

Also, variety in your week should be a good thing; and this new schedule provides just that.

I love when I am able to look forward to a day, no matter how small the reason may be.

What I especially appreciate, however, is that I no longer have to sacrifice my personal time to be able to catch up on missed tests or work. I dreaded, as I am sure others did too, missing school and having to worry about communicating with teachers and parents about an appropriate time to meet up. It felt overcomplicated.

This new Thursday schedule completely eliminates that issue. I believe that as an indirect result of Office Hours, students will be able to experience greater success in school.

No longer is there the weight on students’ or teachers’ shoulders to deal with assignments out of class. There is a time exactly for that, and there is no excuse for either side that the students can’t get tutoring or make-up work. That should logically translate to improved grades.

Is that not the goal of this? I’d say that means Office Hours will be a success.

Above all though, Office Hours teaches us adult life.

We are the ones who must make our decision wisely on where to spend those 45 minutes.

I think that is the selling point on Office Hours. I am now able to have a time for make-ups, and I now have the freedom to choose where I go to better myself. I feel that is underappreciated by many at this school.

Of course it has issues, but they were expected. I hope we can use Office Hours to improve our experience at Arlington, because I think it’s necessary if we as students truly want to better our academic progress.