Illegal immigrants deserve equal opportunity

Jessica Ramirez, HOA Editor

The topic of illegal immigration has always been a sensitive subject among Americans, and more so between opposing political parties; there is ongoing political tension that is inevitable. 

Many believe illegal immigration is a major threat, while others believe it is merely an opportunity for those struggling to thrive. However, I believe this country and the people in it should be open to accepting new opportunities immigrants may offer. 

They are a path to improving our culture and diversity as a country, our economy and our concept of the American dream.  

Like many, this argument has two points of view that are dangerously dividing our country, but the benefits of granting immigrants citizenship outweigh the racial tension that the other point of view brings.

Contrary to what most think, undocumented immigrants are not only Mexicans. Jynnah Radford and Abby Budiman conducted research through the Pew Research Center in 2016,  and found undocumented immigrants came from Mexico, China, India, Philippines and El Salvador.

Through the various cultures comes an increasingly diverse country, which is the foundation upon which the United States was built.

According to Robert Lynch at the Center for American Progress, the government can set out a system in order to benefit from undocumented immigrants.

By granting illegal immigrants citizenship, we are converting them into taxpayers and producers that essentially benefit the economy. The more they are able to make and earn, the more they are able to spend.

By including a more diverse population, the country has a chance to expand their meaning of what it is to live the American Dream.

We need to enforce the fact that we want to provide a life of prosperity and success for those who are trying to escape persecution and poverty from their native contries

Daniel W. Drezner of the  Washington Post says some illegal immigrants have shown to have an association with gang violence and drugs that hurt our society through addiction.

Many people leaning towards the right are constantly worried about their impact on the future of the country.

However, the Pew Research Center’s 2016 study found that most Americans do not think immigrants are prone to commit more serious crimes because of their legal status.

Despite this, many believe that undocumented immigrants’ failure to file taxes means they are taking advantage of the benefits they may get from American jobs.

This controversy has been prolonged in the United States, and should be a crucial focus of this administration.

People should not be labeled as Americans just because they were born in the country. 

We need to be open-minded and realize the opportunities we have with  undocumented immigrants. 

Immigrants are people and should be treated accordingly. Immigrants are not drug-dealing rapists who steal our jobs. They are hardworking, genuine people who are trying to make their lives better. 

We should open doors, not shut them.