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Powerpuff girls reboot

Lilly Hollingsworth, Features Editor

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Screen Shot taken by Emily Fisher
Sugar, spice and everything nice must have been left out of the “Powerpuff Girls” recipe this time around.
Cartoon Network recently opted to reboot the classic “Powerpuff Girls” with an all new cast, animation style and writing team.
The first episode aired on April 4 and the current episodes have received a 4.9 out of 10 rating on and have not been very well received by fans of the originals.
The writers have made an attempt at making the show more relatable for the current generation which is understandable, but it seems to be a hit-and-miss attempt.
Not every reboot will work and original fans will always find something to complain about, but Cartoon Network may have gone a step too far with the removal of one character very near to the hearts of many fans.
Cartoon Network decided that in the reboot Ms. Bellum, the faceless secretary to the mayor of Townsville, would not be making an appearance.
In an article from the LA Times Executive Producer Nick Jennings said,

“We felt like Ms. Bellum wasn’t quite indicative of the kind of messaging we wanted to be giving out at this time, so we sort of had her move on. And that was a good choice I think on our part.”
But the question then is what kind of message does Cartoon Network want to portray?
Sure Ms. Bellum is portrayed as a very attractive character but without her Townsville would have been in ruins. The mayor was pretty incompetent and Ms. Bellum helped keep him in line. By getting rid of her is Cartoon Network trying to say attractive women can’t be powerful?
They could have retired the mayor instead and put Ms. Bellum in charge. Not only would this have been an interesting character arch but it also would have shown girls that women in power can look however they want no, matter how society might portray them.

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