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Indulgent parents may spoil kids’ lives

Korey Pate, The Mix Editor

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Remember when you used to beg your parents for something that all the “cool kids” had?

Most of us grew up with the word “no,” and we learned to deal with it. However, that was not the case for every kid.

Many kids grew up learning that if they threw a fit or screamed, their parents would give in and they would get whatever they wanted.

This is a terrible way to start raising your kids. Really, what is this teaching them?

Dr. Phil McGraw, better known as Dr. Phil, states on his advice website that this is indeed a form of child-abuse.

“Kids have to be socialized in a way that they understand you work hard for what you get,” McGraw says.

If parents just sit there and give in to every little tantrum or tear, the child will grow up thinking this is life. When, in reality, it is far from it.

In life, you have to learn to roll with the punches. You don’t get everything you want and that is just how it has to be.

When kids grow up spoiled, they continue to expect everything into adulthood.This makes it harder on everybody around them.

Why would anybody want to deprive their children of the knowledge required to get by successfully in life?

Here in Southern California, a regional branch of the American Youth Soccer Organization passes out trophies to every player. They pass out around 3, 500 trophies every season.

Not every kid needs to be handed a trophy for showing up. Not every kid needs a trophy for participation.

Kids need to learn that in order to be rewarded, they need to go out and earn it. In my eyes, this type of behavior doesn’t motivate kids at all. In fact, it has the complete opposite effect.

Once these kids are treated in this manner at home, they begin seeing school and other activities as a leisurely thing that requires no effort. There is no reason to try when you are so used to things just being handed to you.

According to a study on narcissism in adolescents from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, narcissism in children is due to parents babying their children and giving them everything.

“Thus, children seem to acquire narcissism, in part, by internalizing parents’ inflated views of them,” the recent study revealed.

When it comes time to get a job, finish school, go to interviews, this will show. Spoiling kids is going to make their lives so much harder in the long run.

I understand what some parents are thinking. They think that giving their kids materialistic possessions will make their child happier. That just isn’t what is going to happen.

“Your job as a parent is not to make yourself feel good by giving the child everything that makes you feel good when you give it,” Dr. Phil says.

Parents need to take a good look at their kid’s attitudes and see that the act of spoiling is benefiting nobody.

Once parents look back and acknowledge this, maybe a step can be taken to lessen this type of behavior and get children in a state that will benefit them later.

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Indulgent parents may spoil kids’ lives