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Dress code is really mess code

Dylinn Abts, Online Editor

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School is back in full swing and so are the outrageous outfits.

Stomachs showing, sagging, and yoga pants are strolling the sidewalks of Arlington once again.

What ever happened to the enforcement of the dress code?

Girls and, even guys, get to wear whatever they want because there is no one who consistently enforces it. This seems to be a bigger issue than the advisors and teachers seem to make it.

When it is enforced, the advisors are bothered because girls and guys are not abiding by the rules.

But, in reality, very few students have to deal with any consequences for their actions.

There are more students walking around the campus wearing inappropriate outfits, then there are with oversized Arlington class shirts due to being dress coded.

Students tend to take advantage of the dress code because it is not a set as a priority.

It is priority enough to put it in the front of the planner each year, but not enough to actually do something about it.

So maybe instead of expecting everyone to dress appropriately, there should actually be an enforcement of the dress code.

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One Response to “Dress code is really mess code”

  1. Kristin Meza on February 7th, 2015 10:44 am

    Amen Dylinn!


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Dress code is really mess code