Improved policies go into effect

Raven Hall, News Editor

The school year kicked off with some new and improved policies that intend to make AHS more efficient, safe and professional. 

From Office Hours to the new tardy policy, the many new changes on campus have caught students’ attention.

The newly implemented Office Hours is one of the most dramatic changes of the school year. With the purpose of giving students more time for finishing homework, participating in clubs, and more, Office Hours h

Photo Courtesy: Raven Hall
Senior Serenity Kramer shows off her 2018-2019 I.D. card

as the potential to help students manage their academic lives easier than before.

Senior Serenity Kramer has high hopes for Office Hours this year. 

“I think it will be good for students because it’s a time to finish homework between classes… If a student is struggling in a class, but has things to do before and after school this is a good time for tutoring,” said Kramer. 

Another change this year is the policy that all students must have their ID cards on them at all times. This was put into place in order to keep students safe on campus by making it easy to prove that one is a student at Arlington High School, according to Principal Steven Ybarra. 

He also said that this is a way to keep track of students during Thursday’s Office Hours, as teachers must scan student ID cards to document attendance. 

One change this year that has a lot of students talking is the new tardy policy paired with the decision to make the passing periods shorter. 

According to Ybarra, the shorter passing periods are due to the fact that minutes needed to be “borrowed” from somewhere in order to create enough time for Office Hours.  

Ybarra also mentioned that the shorter passing periods encourage students to plan out their routes to classes, choosing which times are appropriate for visiting with friends and which times to use the restroom. 

One of the most important reasons why so many changes were made this school year is for safety of students and staff.

Not only must ID cards be visible at all times, but visitors on campus have to check in with the administration office. There, after showing identification and stating a specific reason of attendance, the person must carry a pass with them during the remainder of their visit on campus as well as wear a name tag provided by the front office.

The enforcement of these policies through the school is with the purpose of keeping all on campus safe, and encouraging smarter academic choices as students get prepared to join the world of colleges and careers, according to Ybarra. 

“I want the school to be in a professional atmosphere,” said Ybarra. 

With students and faculty all around campus being optimistic about the new rules and policies on campus, the school year seems to be headed in a positive and open-minded direction.