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Welcome to Jurassic.. Hotel?

A Japanese hotel has the strangest yet most welcoming employees: robotic dinosaurs, according to the Huffington Post. 

Henn na (meaning “weird” in Japanese), a hotel chain in Japan, owns this hotel which is the first one to ever serve hospitality with a full staff of robots or rather robot dinosaurs. 

The hotel is located in East Tokyo and is advanced in foreign languages; all dinosaurs have the ability to speak to guests in their desired language. 

These dinosaurs are able to detect people’s movements and have the ability to move their arms in a bowing gesture. 

Snakes…why’d it have to be snakes!?!?

A man traveling on a plane from Germany to Russia had a wonderful surprise for both the workers and passengers; he had 20 snakes in his travel bag, according to Fox News. 

These unidentified reptiles were held in canisters and jars in a carry-on bag, but the man didn’t have documents for owning the snakes. 

Bringing snakes on a plane is legal, but only if you have the right documents, said German authorities. 

After the flight ended, the snakes were confiscated and quarantined in Moscow, Russia. Scientists have yet to identify what kinds of snakes these are, but have clarified that they are not venomous.

Rest in peace Mayor Lucy Lou 

The formal dog mayor of Rabbit Hash, Kentucky has passed away Sept. 11, according to the Huffington Post. 

The border collie was elected the first female dog of this town, but not the first dog to ever be elected mayor. Apparently,  Rabbit Hash has a history of electing their furry friends as mayors. 

Five dogs, including 12-year-old Lucy Lou, have been inaugurated into office, the first being former Mayor Goofey Borneman in 1998. 

Former Mayor Lucy Lou was inaugurated in 2006 and was in office until her passing. 

The new mayor of this dog loving town is now another tail wagging friend, Brynneth Pawltro who is a 3-year-old pitbull. 

The highest tide of all 

Packages of marijuana came ashore on three Florida Beaches on Sept. 19, weighing to be around 5-10 pounds each, according to the Huffington Post.  

Flagler County estimated the marijuana wash-up was about 100 pounds in total.

Law enforcement authorities aren’t aware how and where the bundles  came from, but they arrested a man who failed to report finding an 11-pound bundle of marijuana on the beach. 

Law enforcement officials now believe it came from an aircraft, considering that this strange event happened during Hurricane Harvey.  

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