Sadies, Powder Puff may return this year

Samantha Roessler, Sports Editor

The Sadie Hawkins Dance and Powder Puff, football two popular traditions, may be making a comeback later this year, but in a way that has never been seen before.

In the past, Powder Puff was one game between two teams of girls. This year ASB would like to make it a tournament among four teams.

A total of three games would be played, with each team playing each other, with the final game being played between the two winners.

This modification was made in order to make the event more exciting, and create more build up for the audience and players, according to Brent Brubaker, ASB adviser. 

There are a few obstacles that come with it as well, including the need for adult coaches, making it an after-school event and finding a date that allows as much time as possible for practices and the actual game that does not conflict with any of the AP testing at the time.

The last time Powder Puff was held, part of this event was a charitable one. This year, Brubaker would like to do the same and make it a community event. 

Brubaker would like to have The Habit sponsor the event once again, and help them with donating to charity. 

As for Sadies, it has been held at Knott’s Berry Farm in the past, but it will likely be changed into a traditional Sadies Hawkins Dance, in which couples match outfits and attend the dance together. 

While ASB is putting forth  its best efforts to make this happen, there are a few obstacles. 

Brubaker’s biggest fears are safety and how to keep students safe at the amusement park. 

Another obstacle is how much it costs for the students so there is a push to make Sadies a more affordable event for the entire student body, giving  all the students a chance to attend.


“We want all the students to be able to have a chance to attend…” said Brubaker.

These events have not been offered in recent years because there was no push by the student body until it was too late to schedule them, according to Brubaker.