Students awarded at history competition

Gustavo Rios, News Editor

By Gustavo Rios

News Editor

Competition is not always easy to deal with. Fortunately, some students seem to have it all figured out.

On Jan. 27, students participated in the district competition for National History Day, with the winners of each category moving on to the county competiton, which will take place in Moreno Valley, on March 10.

Seniors Daniela Carabez, Litzy Garcia, Monserrat Alvarado and Esmerelda Orozco feel extremely proud with their winning website, “Anti-Vietnam War Protests: A Journey from Conflict to Compromise.”

“I’ve never partaken in History Day past the district level, and I feel excited about going to the county level,” said Carabez.

Seniors Rachel David and Samantha Sherwood also won in the group website category for their project, “Leopold II and the Congolese Genocide.”

Seniors Benjamin Noriega, Christopher Ding, Zion Zapien, Juan Chairez and Antonio Aguilera won for their project, “Cuban Missile Crisis” putting another win in the website category.

“I feel as though it’s a great opportunity to learn more about history in general,” said Noriega.

Some sophomores were also at the top of their game.

Sophomores Isabella Krucinski, Kyle Suk and Natalie Natividad won for their project on the “Katyn Massacre.”

Sophomore Emily Birlea was announced as the first alternate for her project on “The Fall of Romanian Communism”.

Seniors Jessica Green and Savanna Milner were also recognized by the NAACP for their hard work on their exhibit entitled “Jazz and the Civil Rights Movement.”

“I feel very proud that Arlington shows it can compete with other high schools in the district and still be successful, “ said AP European History teacher Michael Black. “It’s especially gratifying since we were outnumbered in entries and, yet, fared well. I’m especially proud of my sophomores since the competition is for all students in grades nine through twelve.”

NHD winners moving, from left top row, are seniors Benjamin Noriega, Christopher Ding, Antonio Aguilera and Juan Chairez. In the middle, from left, are Rachel David, senior; Litzy Garcia, senior; Zion Zapien, senior; Isabella Krucinski, sophomore; Daniela Carabez, senior; Emily Birlea, sophomore; Jessica Green, senior; Savanna Milner, senior. In front, from left, are, Natalie Natividad, sophomore; Samantha Sherwood, senior; and Esmeralda Orozco, senior.