RUSD revises graduation recognition policy

Tanner Garvin, Features Editor

In the past, Arlington students, who devoted to clubs on campus, were able to display that at graduation with specially designed sashes or ropes.

Riverside Unified School District is proposing a new graduation policy revision. Starting this year, certain clubs may not be able to wear specialized sashes at graduation.

This proposition could potentially affect clubs like the Black Student Union, Choir, JROTC, Campus Beautification Club, Marching Band, Theater, Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Arlington, the Associated Student Body, etc. according to .

Programs that will not be prohibited include AVID,  California Scholarship Federation, Media Arts and National Honor Society. Students have expressed outrage over the lack of representation.

A petition has been signed through and currently has 1,547 supporters with a goal of 2,000. Their hope is to get this policy repealed and prompt a more open discussion between students and their representatives.

The district has responded to this outcry by promising to form a committee. This committee will consist of both student and faculty alike. Dominic Costa, who teaches Advanced Placement Government and Politics, has signed up to be on the committee but has not been appointed yet.

To some students, who have spent much of their high school career in these clubs and programs, this policy came as a shock,

Among these people is Vincent Miller, who is active in both ASB and Interact and part of the graduating class of 2018.

“It makes me mad that I’ve dedicated my time and hard work into these clubs to not be able to represent my accomplishments at graduation. I feel that if we’ve worked for them, we deserve them and its not right for them to take it away,” he said.

Sr. Master Sergeant Russell Forsee and Lieutenant Colonel Kelly ‘Mac’ McPeters of the JROTC also hope this policy will be reviewed and reinstated.

Sergeant Forsee says, “The cadets work very hard throughout the year, all year long, doing an excess of 3000 hours of community service and it’s a nice way to recognize all that hard-work that they put in that year at graduation with a sash”

While Col. McPeters notes that as the only program at Arlington High School that offers concurrent credits, the students deserve that recognition.

The proposal will be further discussed with the selected committee.