Red Cross Club to host blood drive

Gustavo Rios, News Editor

Arlington’s own Red Cross Club will be combining its efforts with the Career Technical Education medical pathway to host a blood drive for the school after winter break.

As of now, a specific date has not been determined, but arrangements have been made for the blood drive to take place in the gym.

“We’re looking to do this blood drive on a day in either January or February, and we’re also planning to do two additional blood drives  later on in the year,” said Linda Jirsa, advisor for the Red Cross Club.

As for participating in this blood drive, students can serve as both donors and volunteers with set up. For those donating, there are some rules and prerequisites that must be met. First off, they will need to be at least 16 years old. Secondly, they must have permission from a parent to ensure safety.

“We’re hoping for at least 50 people out of students and staff to donate, but the more donors the better,” said Jirsa.

Volunteers for setting up or helping in other aspects of the blood drive are also needed, and are asked to attend Red Cross Club meetings for instructions.

“We always welcome volunteers, as we will be coordinating the logistics for these blood drives during our Red Cross meetings before they start. Students that are interested can also contact me if they have questions,” said Jirsa.