Three albums stand out in 2017



Paramore’s “After Laughter” album cover.

John Camacho, Shout-Outs Editor

Three albums in particular stood out as the best ones released in 2017.

Paramore has gone through a lot of changes since their first album in 2007, not only the band members, but their sound.

The band released its fifth album “After Laughter,” which was very different than anything the band has ever explored.

Paramore, which had before performed punk rock, alternative, and punk pop, tried something new and dropped an electro pop album that many fans and critics enjoyed.

Their hit song off the album was “Hard Times” which debuted No. 3 on Billboard and Twitter Top Tracks chart and was viewed 14 million times on YouTube within the first eight days of its release.

The album features the songs  “Pool,” “Caught in the Middle,” “Idle Worship,” “Hard Times,” “Rose-Colored Boy” and “Told You So.”

This album consisted of many situations that are relatable to so many people and it makes them really connect to this album.

It feels like Incubus has been around forever and that’s because they have been around since 1995 so before any student on campus was even born.

Incubus dropped a new album after six long years, after what a lot of fans say was their most disappointing album because it wasn’t the hard rock that was seen on their earlier four albums “Make Yourself,” “Morning View,” “A Crow Left of the Murder” and “Light Grenades”.

While “8” isn’t hard rock, it was indie rock, but didn’t sound too different from the core rock they started out with that many people liked.

You could tell it wasn’t the same Brandon Boyd from his first few albums. His voice had matured and some people actually liked the change.

Some great songs off “8” are “Familiar faces,” “State of the Art” and “Undefeated.”

The album, “8” was also the band’s eighth studio album and the band is still killing it over 23 years since their first album “Fungus Amongus.”

Brandon Boyd still tours at the young age of 41 and the band shows no sign of stopping.

The Dirty Heads have been around since 2006 and dropped their first album the same year. They got help on their rise to fame when their song “Stand Tall” off their “Any Port in a Storm” album was used in the kids movie “Surf’s Up.“

They’re definitely something special. They’ve gone from reggae to alternative to rap and in their selftitled album did a little bit of everything. Throughout it all they have grown and kept their original fanbase.

For their fifth album, they went back to alternative and many people liked their twist on the genre. The album has many favorites such as “Get Somewhere,” “Mad At It” and “High Tea.” Their hit song “Vacation” currently has more than 10 million streams on Spotify and three million more on YouTube.

The album overall doesn’t have a bad song; in fact, it has some really good ones. It happens too often that many of us don’t like that one song on the album and you automatically skip it. On this album, you won’t hear one like that.