Mustard on popcorn? No problem


Daniela De La Garza

Tatyanna Shanklin

The split between friend and foe. Or, to be more simplistic,the difference of opinion on crazy food combinations.
Peanut butter pickles, Kool-aid pickles, mustard and popcorn, hot dogs in Top Ramen, and bananas and red rice..
That is a list of unusual food combinations eaten by students.
For some students it is normal to have a crazy food combination.
“My mom told me it’s a common thing in Sináloa,” said junior Danigza Benitez, after being asked who introduced her to bananas and red rice.
“Okay so my dad always put mustard on his popcorn when we went to the movies and I thought it was disgusting. But then he said ‘try it’ and I did and I loved it,” said junior Daniela De la Garza.
“I tried it because my aunts and I looked up crazy food combos and decided to try that one (peanut butter pickles),” said Serene Maaia.

On the contrary, some students get creative with their food choices.
“Well I had almost nothing in my fridge to eat so I had to be inventive,” said Michael Rojas after describing his so-called “prison food”.
People with crazy food combinations are judged for the most part.
“A lot of people talk about it but I feel like that’s because they haven’t tried it. I haven’t met anyone who has tried it and thought it was nasty,” said junior I’mane Williams.
Crazy food combinations may seem disgusting, but it doesn’t hurt to give them a try. You can even invent your own.