‘Buzzfeed Unsolved’ spooks local teens


Sophia Corona, Manestream Editor

Spooky stories, whether criminal cases or paranormal scares, have taken YouTube by storm.

Horror has always been a big topic in pop culture as it is in the form of books, movies, shows, etc.

Society finds some type of interest in paranormal and criminal cases especially if they’re unsolved, and the YouTube series “Buzzfeed Unsolved” provides that.

The creator of the series, Ryan Bergara, a Buzzfeed employee investigates spooky and unsolved stories around the world along side his co-worker Shane Madej.

Bergara is the believer when it comes to paranormal mysteries and Madej is the skeptic, creating a comical balance when they discuss the cases they are investigating.

As Bergara provides a synopsis of the case along with commentary, Madej often makes comical commentary lightening up the situation and making the videos enjoyable to watch, instead of just informal.

The two usually travel to the location that the crime or paranormal case took place and describe the case and sometimes stay the night to see if they can experience any paranormal activity.

For example they have stayed in and visited the Whaley House, the Queen Mary, The Haunted Quarters of The Dauphine Orleans Hotel, the Lizzie Borden House, The Waverly Hills Hospital, etc.

After the evaluation of the case, they go over a number of theories on how the case could have been solved or ended, but ultimately the case remains unsolved, leaving the viewers with their own opinions of what happened. One of their episodes takes place right here in Riverside. The mystery  is about the “Toxic Woman” Gloria Ramirez.

According to the Buzzfeed Unsolved video “The Bizarre Toxic Death of Gloria Ramirez,” she arrived at Riverside General Hospital with an irregular heartbeat, an oily sheen on her body and a fruity, garlic smell coming from her mouth, according to the Riverside General Hospital emergency room staff.

A nurse took her blood and noticed manila-colored particles in it. Soon after taking her blood, the nurse fainted. This soon turned into what some thought as a widespread hysteria in the hospital as many other staff members were fainting and experiencing the same symptoms, according to “Buzzfeed Unsolved.”

This called for an evacuation of the hospital and they eventually brought in the hazardous materials team to investigate, but nothing came up.

According to the episode, Ramirez was unfortunately pronounced dead the night of Feb. 19, 1994 and the official cause of her death was cardiac dysrhythmia, but the particles in her blood, odd symptoms and the mass hysteria within the hospital is still unsolved, according to the Riverside Coroner’s Office.

According to the “Buzzfeed Unsolved” episode, a few theories were proposed to try and solve Ramirez’s death.

The first theory proposed by the California Department of Health and Human Services concluded that the hospital staff experienced mass hysteria.

The second theory proposed by the Livermore Laboratory stated that they found abnormally large amounts of Dimethyl Sulfone. The Dimethyl Sulfone could be explained by a DMSO gel that Ramirez could have used for her cervical cancer, which could explain the garlic smell and oily sheen.

The oxygen from the oxygen mask combined with the Dimethyl Sulfone in the DMSO gel could have created the crystals in her blood.

The combination of the Dimethyl Sulfone and the electric shocks of the defibrillator to her heart could have created Dimethyl Sulfate, explaining the symptoms that spread throughout the hospital, according to the Livermore Laboratory.

The third theory proposed by the Ramirez family claims that her cause of death was due to alleged hazardous conditions present at the hospital, though they never filed a lawsuit. Though there is a number of theories proposed for the case of Gloria Ramirez, the tragedy still remains unsolved.

As kids in this generation are so immersed into YouTube and social media, it is not likely that they will come across “Buzzed Unsolved” and not enjoy it.

“I really love ‘Buzzfeed Unsolved’ because it combines spooky stuff and humor,” said Zoey Hoard, junior.

“The Creepy Real-Life ‘Men in Black’ episode is my favorite episode because the fact that they come when you experience paranormal encounter and they say that you can’t speak about it,  it’s even more eerie,” said Josiah Martinez, junior.

“I like it because they’re so hilarious especially since Ryan always believes it and Shane is always the skeptic and they fight about it,” said Kandace Lara, senior.

There are many more episodes just like this story that you can enjoy.

There are two series, “Supernatural” with 17 episodes and “True Crime” with 21 episodes.

You can find these spooky stories on the BuzzFeed Blue YouTube channel with playlists organizing the series by seasons and episodes.