Climate change science must be a lie

Adam Navarro, Opinions Editor

Science today is able to accomplish things once thought to be science fiction just 100 years ago. In the time since then, we managed to invent the cell phone, land on the moon, and create a world wide web.

Yet, there’s no way these scientists can be telling the truth about climate change, right? It just makes no sense that anyone could possibly be affecting the climate in such a way that these so-called scientists claim.

I mean, how could anyone be? How can some innocent American’s car, or a bunch of cows on a farm, cause such an issue with the climate? Scientists out there, with their fancy know-it-all education, are probably just advancing some blasphemous liberal agenda.

For these reasons, I always choose to support an America-loving conservative politician when it comes to elections. From my experience, their focus is to protect me and my American rights, and that is the type of politician whom every patriot should vote for.

Scientists out there, who claim that greenhouse gases from our everyday actions can cause stronger hurricanes or droughts, are lying to us. After all, my favorite Republican politician said so, and he never lies.

Now, I don’t really know why government organizations like NASA or EPA would support this idea that climate change is real and that humans are a cause. It’s not like they are overseen by Congress and have reputations to maintain, right? It’s only logical that it’s the liberals who are making these lies.

Actually, who am I kidding?

The fact of the matter is that there is science and facts behind the research of these climate experts and scientists who are warning us of our actions. There is a reason that our government continues to fund these organizations which serve to protect and regulate our society to best ensure a safer Earth for every living thing. The effectiveness of such programs is besides the point; the science behind them is true.

There is a reason that many conservative politicians choose to deny climate change in public. Their base believes them and it allows them to keep their economic interests.

I think many conservatives just need to see past the bias and analyze the facts of why climate change is real, and we are affecting it.

Greenhouse gases are released through our cars, through farming, and through much more. Humans have large carbon footprints, and our daily actions will continue to harm the environment at a high degree until we make widespread changes.

If those who deny facts continue to do so, then we will most certainly all face the repercussions of worsening environmental conditions.