Comic book artist excels in school and sports

Jessica Ramirez, HOA Editor

Art is defined in the dictionary as a skill at doing a specified thing, typically one acquired through practice.

With many years of practice, not only has Alonso Capacete learned to be a great student, athlete, and friend, but also an amazing artist.

Senior Capacete is on the water polo team, has 3.3 GPA, and has an amazing talent for drawing. And he is this month’s Student of the Month.

Capacete expresses his style through his clothes.

Capacete’s work was featured in our last issue on the opinion page. His illustrations always make students laugh and are able to clearly depict what is needed.

He also won first place for an art contest where he made a dinosaur out of paper mache.

“I’ve been doing it (drawing) since I could pick up a pencil,” said Capacete, this issue’s Student of the Month.

After high school he wishes to attend Riverside Community College, get a degree in illustration, and then hopefully become a comic book artist for Marvel comics.

He first got inspiration from his dad who also has a talent with drawing. “I wanted to be like him” said Capacete. “…my dad never got to make a career out of his art, so I want to be the one to actually be able to do that.”

Other than drawing, Capacete also plays water polo team at Arlington.

He plays right wing or right flat depending on where they need him. Capacete was awarded the Lion’s Award his sophomore year for water polo.

“The biggest thing Alonso’s always been capable of is working extremely hard. He’s been dedicated and he’s always committed one hundred percent at everything that he does” said water polo coach Christopher Ward.

However, athleticism is not the only thing Capacete has gained from water polo.

“I’ve really enjoyed making all my friends through water polo,” said Capacete.

Apart from being a great athlete, student, and artist, Capacete still manages to make enough time for his friends, and he shows to be an amazing one at that.

Andrew Vargas, senior,  has been friends with him since freshman year.

“We like drawing together so he’s taught me some different techniques: sketching and shading and stuff like that” said Vargas.

Danny Franquez, senior, has been friends with Capacete since their sophomore year and he seems to be really appreciative of Capacete and his humor.

“Alonso has some clever jokes up his sleeves and he can come up with them on the spot. He is such a meme.” said Franquez.

Capacete has also been known to dress on the more stylish side.

“His style is retro and he appreciates 80’s style clothing and he pulls it off…and he’s got nice hair.” said Franquez.

Capacete’s friends play a big role in his life and he has a soft spot for all of them.  

“We can make each other laugh and get our minds off problems we have in our personal lives” said Capacete.