Involved senior works around busy schedule



Senior Joshua Fuentes laughs with a friend while making posters for 8th graders in AVID.

Liana Ariza, Manestream Editor

Senior Joshua Fuentes laughs with a friend while making posters for 8th graders in AVID.

With so many hours in a day, it seems there is only so much you can do. But senior Joshua Fuentes manages to accomplish more than one would think juggling a job, clubs and many AP classes.

Fuentes is involved in many activities at school and off campus such as Boys State his junior year, EAOP (Early Outreach Academic Program), Campus Beautification Club, Link Crew, AVID, Hawthorne Mentor Program, National Honor Society, and several other clubs.

On top of all of this, Fuentes even has a job at Bakers.

“Sometimes my schedule can be crazy from barely finishing my work at 11 or 12 at night and waking up at six in the morning to make everything as perfect as it can be,” said Fuentes, this issue’s Student of the Month.

Not only is he busy after school but he is also busy during school attending up to three club meetings a day. 

Despite it all, Fuentes says he always comes with a positive attitude and ready to take on the day.

“Joshua is dedicated, funny, willing to take risk, and a little scattered but when it came to getting the job done, he made sure to make no excuses,” said Rocio Quijada, AVID and Spanish teacher.

Fuentes has taken five AP classes in the past and is taking three AP classes this year, all the while managing to keep good grades each year.

Just because his life is busy with all these activities he is in, does not mean that he does not have time for a social life. 

“My social life is great since I was blessed with having a great personality, so I’ve never really had a hard time making new friends wherever I went. I always love to make new friends and meet new people,” said Fuentes.

He has made a big impact on all his friends and they have nothing but positive words to say about him.

“He inspired me to chase my dreams. It doesn’t matter if they seem impossible. He motivates me to do my homework. He even motivates me when it comes to my career choice,” said junior Daniela de la Cruz.

Fuentes also plays for the volleyball team and manages to maintain a 4.1 GPA  with a class rank of 41.

His dream college is San Diego State University where he plans to major in business. 

The best advice Quijada could give to Fuentes is, “Focus your energy to what you’re doing, do what you’re doing well, and don’t second guess yourself.”

With his motivation and positive attitude, in addition to the support from his family, friends, and teachers, Fuentes can achieve any goal he want to accomplish.