Busy ‘ASB’ advisor ‘never stands still’



Brent Brubaker poses inside Senior Sunrise photo frame.

Tatyanna Shanklin, Editor-in-Chief

Brent Brubaker poses inside Senior Sunrise photo frame.

All of the creative spirit weeks, all of the wild pep rallies, and all of the energetic dances have one person in common: Brent Brubaker.

Brubaker came to Arlington from King High School two years ago. 

Before becoming an ASB adviser, Brubaker was an English teacher. He taught regular and honors classes, AVID classes and special needs classes.

He received his bachelor’s of the arts in English from the University of California, Riverside. Later he went to Claremont Graduate University to get his teaching credential.

His positive qualities and contribution to this school make him a perfect fit for Teacher of the Month.

Brubaker instantly began to notice the major impact he made on  this campus. 

“Me and admin were talking      

at a football game last year and the comment we made was, ‘It’s nice to see kids enjoying the experience,’” said Brubaker.


also likes to put school first. He wants to make sure he puts forth his best effort to make school exciting and fun.

His own students recognize and praise him for his time and dedication to his hard work.

“He puts in 100 percent effort. He’s always go go go, and has a million different things to tend to,” said ASB President Allie Kronick, senior.

“I think he puts his all into everything he does. He’s never standing still,” said senior Briana Biber, Link Crew leader. 

Brubaker puts in a lot of extra effort most ASB advisers do not. He controls and runs the student store and takes time out of his own lunch to prepare the store for the students.

His extra efforts help him stand out.

“He is different than the average staff member because he is able to really get to know us and engage in the activities we do in ASB, like poster making and setting up events,” said senior class president Shevani Patel.

“He is very involved with his students and does everything he can to help us out, way more than the average teacher does,” said Biber.

It may seem that his busy work consumes his life, but Brubaker still knows how to enjoy his personal time. He likes walking his dogs, camping, riding bikes and skateboards, driving, and visiting downtown Los Angeles.