‘Mystifier’ amazes students with passion for tricks



Jimmy To shuffles a deck of cards in preparation for a card trick.

Gabriel Godwin, Opinions Editor

Jimmy To shuffles a deck of cards in preparation for a card trick.

We all have a certain hobby that makes us happy. It may be drawing, music or maybe sports. For senior Jimmy To, it’s magic.

All through high school, To has been performing card tricks and has given himself the performer name “Mystifier”.

According to, To he has been practicing his card tricks since 8th grade. 

In eighth grade, To  performed a card trick at the Chemawa Middle School talent show. 

“I was quite nervous at first; however once the trick got going it was pretty easy and the crowd loved it,” said To.

People typically continue to  do their hobbies for a while, or even go on to pursue a career in that field. To feels differently about his magic. 

“I will stick with magic for my entire life; although I am not going to the route of being a magician full time,” said To. 

To’s most famous trick among his peers is the Kissing Card Trick, which requires someone to sign their name on any card of their choosing.

The participant folds that card in fourths and bites down on it, while To picks a random card and does the same. 

To then snaps his fingers and the cards switch places. This results in him taking possession of the signed card that the participant had signed, folded and inserted into his or her mouth.

Junior Dezirae Valle was amazed by this trick when To performed it with her as the participant.

“I was mind blown! How did he get my card, with my signature, in his mouth? I wasn’t expecting that whatsoever!” she said.

Although To does not plan on pursuing an actual career in this field, he’s still going to go through with it for as long as he can, and other students, are with him in regards to not giving up on magic.

Usually people use their hobbies to help them in some way, and To is no exception. 

“Magic makes me feel comfortable around people. I am typically a shy person, ironically, but through magic I feel more comfortable talking to people. It also definitely helps with stress. 

“I usually just play around with the cards I have at home (which is over 40 decks) whenever I’m overwhelmed,” said To. 

“Magic is a hobby, but it feels like more,” he added.

To this day,  To performs magic tricks whenever he finds an audience, and usually he astounds his peers, and there’s no sign of him stopping anytime soon.