Friends remember Salas as loving and caring

Liana Ariza, Manestream Editor

Anthony Salas was a sophomore who was a funny, outgoing, caring young man who made such a positive impact on anyone he came in contact with.
While some had the great pleasure of knowing Anthony, a few only got the pleasure to hear the wonderful stories about him. He was a kid with a bright future whose life was sadly cut too short.
Anthony passed away on Sept. 21. He passed of a hereditary issue where there was a weakness in a connection to his vein and artery in his head. He was bleeding internally so he had to get surgery, but his brain was unresponsive to tests after that, according to sophomore Luis Marin-Reyes, Anthony’s cousin.
“Anthony was your model student athlete in regards (that) he took his academics really serious, but at the same time wanted to prove himself on the field… He always brought a bright smile to the boys (the soccer team) and was well liked by his teammates… He was a tremendous worker on and off the field,” said Kevin Watson, AHS soccer coach.
Most of his friends called him by his last name Salas. Anthony liked Dragon Ball Z. He liked soccer, pro soccer team Barcelona, and pro soccer star Lionel Messi. He also liked the rapper Ice Cube, Blink-182, and Michael Jackson. He loved nothing more than his family and friends.
“He loved working out; he was kind of a workout fanatic. One of the things he enjoyed most was making people laugh and smile. His smile just made everyone around him smile too with him,” said Marin-Reyes.
While Anthony was only able to have 15 wonderful years here, he
surely made them unforgettable leaving plenty of people with memories they’ll never forget.
“Not so long ago was my quinceañera and he told me he wouldn’t be able to make it. But he actually made it and was dancing and having fun. And right when he was going to leave he came up to me, hugged me and told me how much I meant to him and how I was like one of his sisters and he would always love me,” said sophomore Daisy Franco.
Everyone who came in contact with Anthony was blessed enough to experience his presence and warmth.
“We as his family and friends viewed him as humble, loving, caring, kind-hearted, simple, a goofball, always smiling and he always had your back no matter what. But I think he viewed himself as humble and very reserved,” said Edwin Salas, 19, one of Anthony’s older brothers.
Anthony has impacted so many lives and touched so many hearts. He was truly a kid with a heart of gold.
“I owe my confidence to him, because he was a very strong person and he was very dedicated with what he wanted to do. He never let anyone be down; his smile was very contagious. I’ve known him since fourth grade,” said Franco.

Franco adds how Anthony would want to be known as a strong person emotionally and physically. Not many things would affect him negatively.
One of Anthony’s passions was soccer and he wanted to play professional soccer. He played for Arlington’s soccer team as well as club soccer team Riverside FC.
“My favorite thing about him was his willingness to want to sacrifice everything he could to do well for the team. It didn’t matter what obstacles were in his way, he always wanted to make sure he shows up to training on time, and wanted to be a part of the group so bad. You can tell one of his priorities was definitely the boys soccer team,” said Watson.
Anthony loved soccer so much that his family and friends decided to hold a soccer tournament in his memory on Sept. 29 at Don Derr Park.
It was a day dedicated to Anthony spent in a way he would have loved. It was teams made up of his club soccer team, Arlington’s soccer team, his closest friends and his family including his four older brothers.
After the game, his family and friends were fundraising for Anthony’s funeral expenses by selling food and drinks.
There was also a car wash for Anthony on Sept. 30 at Chemawa Middle School as the middle school was kind enough to offer its school to host the car wash, for which the Salas family was extremely grateful.
“I attended the car wash, and the support from the whole community, especially in particular Coach Oswaldo Barajas from Chemawa who coaches the boys soccer program over there. He was awesome…” said Watson.
“It was just a testament to how many people enjoyed Anthony and how great our community is. You saw people from Arlington, Ramona. and all around coming together to help,” he added.
A Go Fund Me page was also set up in memory of Anthony. “Our goal is to meet $18,000. That’s our goal because we want to give my baby brother a proper goodbye…” said Edwin Salas.
A viewing was held for Anthony on Oct, 4 and his funeral was held on Oct. 5.

Many of Anthony’s friends remember him for the kind and caring person he always was. “ He was a kind-hearted and loving person who was always there when people needed him,” said Angel Bailon, sophomore.
A very optimistic and loving young man, Anthony was selfless and always put others before himself. “No matter who you were, if he knew something was going on he would go out of his way to try to help you out” said Franco.
Every little thing he did was memorable and made people happy, even the smallest task such as walking with him.
“My favorite memories with him is when he would walk me to my classes,” said Jazmyne Balandran, sophomore.
Even though Anthony may not be here with us, there are certainly a lot of memories of him that will remind us of him and keep him in our hearts.
“He carries a characteristic of each one of his brothers,” said Franco. “He has five brothers and they are totally different from each other and when you talk to all of them.. It’s Anthony.”