Unsung employees making a difference

Tatyanna Shanklin, Sports Editor

Sue Meador helps AHS students stay safe to and from school.

No one knows the true heroes of Arlington High School — the ones who do anonymous, honorable acts.
They impact the lives of numerous students across campus. Who are they, you ask? Unsung employees.
Unsung employees are the staff members who are a part of our school who should receive more recognition: crossing guards, custodians, and campus supervisors.
Israel Sanchez, Ron Sanchez, Sue Meador, Fabian Alvizo, Bill Berry and Michelle Biber are among these employees.
Israel Sanchez, the RUSD Plant Supervisor, is an Arlington alumnus.
“…I am an alumni graduate and it keeps me connected to surrounding schools where we sometimes help each other out when we are in need,” said Sanchez.
Outside of his job he takes part in volunteering for youth sports, playing in men’s softball, and fishing.
Ron Sanchez has been working here since 1997.
He believes that having a clean environment helps the students learn.
Meador is the school’s crossing guard on Jackson and Lincoln.
Meador is also a campus supervisor at Arizona Middle School.
“I love kids; I love kids,” said Meador.
Alvizo, Berry and Biber are among the many campus supervisors at Arlington.
“It gives me pleasure to guide kids to success,” said Berry.
Berry said he wanted to have an impact on kids, which is why he decided to work here.
Biber said she loves to be here at school and support the students. She feels like she is here to turn someone’s bad day into a good one with a simple smile.
A lot of students call Alvizo “Smiley” because he is always smiling.
He said that he always wants to push students at the school to put forth their best efforts.
Alvizo also said that he loves making connections with students.
Sanchez, Arias, Meador, Alvizo, and Biber have impacted students and teachers throughout the campus.
These unsung employees make school welcoming and safe.
Israel Sanchez, Ron Sanchez, and others keep the campus clean, Meador ensures the safety of the students who walk, and Alvizo, Berry, Biber, and others encourage students to enjoy school.
Without the contribution of these unsung employees, Arlington would not be the same.