Artist paints ‘raw beauty of world’


Alyssa Nelson

One of Celeste Cuevas's watercolor creations.

Alyssa Nelson, Cover Story Editor

Around five years ago senior Celeste Cuevas picked up a paint brush and hasn’t stopped since.
“My goal with art is to be able to see it on display. I want to see one of my pieces up somewhere where all people can ogle at it,” said senior Celeste Cuevas.
“I started doing watercolor because it was a new media I tried out and ended up really liking the outcome of my work and just stuck with it,” said Cuevas.
Since she started, she has greatly expanded her skills as an artist and has done amazing work.

Alyssa Nelson
One of Celeste Cuevas’s watercolor creations.

In her art she primarily paints flowers, nature, and landscapes. “My paintings mean a lot to me because I paint the raw beauty of the world. To focus on the little and big things the world offers,” said Cuevas. Cuevas puts much work into each painting and spends anywhere from fifteen minutes to weeks in order to finish a piece. “Sometimes I think I am finished, but then I go back later on to add and fix things.” said Cuevas.
She doodles every day to keep the creative juices flowing and to give her ideas of what she wants to paint next.
Before she starts a watercolor piece, she plans out what she will be doing and uses that as her guide even though her finish piece comes out looking different that her original sketch.
“I love the many variety of techniques you can use with watercolor, its very flexible,” said Cuevas. In each piece she uses not only watercolors, but other mediums to add to her work.
“It’s really impressive and relaxing watching her do watercolor paintings,” said senior Litzy Zaragoza.
All of her pieces are a piece of her and she puts countless hours into each piece. If she doesn’t like a piece she continues to add to it and work on it until she is satisfied with the outcome.
She uses lots of different techniques and continues to learn new things every time she picks up a brush.