Self expression takes flight through drone



Photo of the Huntington Beach Pier taken by Harrison Kay.

By Sophia Corona, News Editor


Junior Harrison Kay poses with his filming drones.



Self expression and hobbies can define someone and their passions.

Though it comes in many different forms, a popular outlet for self expression nowadays is through creating video.

Those who participate in video expression are spread throughout the world but one AHS junior, Harrison Kay, also participates in creating specifically drone videos. Kay’s passion for his work comes from inspiration and a strong support system.

“The main person who has inspired me is my dad. He has supported me from the start and he teaches me how to be a hard worker. He also spends hours of his time to help me film and edit my projects,” said Kay.


“I’m also inspired by many filmmakers but my favorite one is Casey Neistat. He uses a lot of drone footage in his videos. He has created his own style of filming that is different from everyone else. This has given me hope to someday make my own style of filming that will revolutionize the film industry,” said Kay. He started doing drone videos about a year and half ago when his dad got a professional drone for Christmas in 2015.

“I fell in love with making drone videos rather than other types of videos because you have so much more freedom in the air rather than on the ground. You see everything from another perspective that only a bird can see. I felt that there were also many more opportunities in the aerial photography/videography industry,” said Kay.

His media arts teacher Crystal Schreck said, “Harrison has a lot of potential. Not only is he a talented videographer, but he also looks at things from a different perspective and comes up with some spectacular videos.”

“He inspires me because of his persistence. He works so hard and works on something until it’s perfected, no matter how long it takes him,” added Schreck.

“His videos are fun, and full of life and suspense. They inspire me to search for the unseen and share them to all. He’s taught me how to focus on detail yet paint a bigger picture in my art which is music,” said Ademola Alagbada, junior. He has filmed eight drone videos with the intention of creating more using his collection of the three different drones, the DJI Phantom 3 Professional, the DJI Phantom 4, and the DJI Inspire 2 w/X5S Gimbal.

He often films in interesting locations such as coastal areas, mountains, and deserts because “…the locations have some kind of special uniqueness to them,” said Kay. He also films his favorite activities such as off-roading and sports. But, he also films a lot of houses for real estate agents.

“Right now I’m getting a flood of jobs from real estate agents wanting me to shoot drone videos of the houses that they are selling. I’m also preparing to do a recruitment video for RCC’s football team which should be a good learning experience for me. In the future I might also go into other fields of the drone industry such as inspections and 3D mapping. There are so many opportunities in the drone industry right now,” said Kay.

His videos can be found mostly on his Instagram at @aerial_addic, but also his Twitter @hkay12307, and his YouTube channel “Aerial Addic”.

Even when considering his wide variety of content, he does have a favorite video.

“My favorite video that I’ve made was probably the Riverside one because I like to represent my home town. Some people look down on Riverside but I think it’s truly a beautiful place from the culture, people and history of the city,” said Kay.

Though he greatly enjoys what he does, it does come with hard work. “The hardest part about making drone videos is post production. That goes for all types of filming,” he said. “You can film for 1 hour and then it will take you about 1-2 weeks to finish editing and finalizing everything. It really depends on how organized and efficient your work flow is,” said Kay.

Kay successfully expressed himself through his love of video with the support of friends and family. “I think I inspire many of my friends and family members to pursue their dreams and my parents fully support me. My dad even helps me make some of my videos,” said Kay. “I plan for my channel to get a lot of subscribers one day. I’m not really doing it for the fame I just like to express myself and my style of videos and pictures through social media in hopes to inspire others,” said Kay.

“My future plan is to start shooting drone videos for professional movie sets or commercials,” said Kay. “I think it’s gonna take some time to get at that level,” said Kay “but I’m working very hard to improve my skills as well as improving the equipment I have in order to get at that level.”