English teacher impacts his students



Aaron Dudek talks to students during class.

By Aaliyah Roberts, Opinions Editor

English teacher Aaron Dudek has already made a name for himself as a kind-hearted, enthusiastic teacher who positively impacts his students.

“The thing I enjoy most about teaching is working and laughing with my students. Arlington’s students in general are energetic, resilient and friendly, but my students specifically make me proud to be a teacher every day. I love being in a position where I can help these wonderful kids achieve their goals,” said Dudek, this issue’s  Teacher of the Month.

Even though he’s only been working here for just a year, his students describe him as a fun, kind and loving teacher. “He doesn’t just hand out assignments. When he gives you work, he makes it fun and interesting so you’ll actually want to do it,” said freshman Fernando Sanchez.
“As a person he’s very fun, loveable and talkative,” said freshman Brianna Figueroa.
“When a student is confused in class he helps them understand quickly,” she added.

“He’s a very generous teacher. If you need to raise your grade he’ll make extra credit available,” said freshman Kyarlah Bailon. “He’s also loveable and open. He gives good advice about school and outside of school,” Bailon continues.

His peers also think highly of him.
English teacher Dr. Stephanie Niechayev, only had wonderful things to say about him. “He is an awesome new addition to Arlington and we greatly appreciate his enthusiasm and dedication,” Niechayev said.

He comes from a family of teachers and he says that is why he chose to be a teacher. “I don’t know if I chose teaching so much as teaching chose me. I come from a huge family of educators so working to help and lead others has always come naturally to me, but my enthusiasm for literature and my creative drive helps, too,” said Dudek.

“I also always knew I wanted to work in a career that is always changing, evolving, and challenging me to grow– I’m always striving to be better than the person I was yesterday. As soon as I interviewed at Arlington, I knew it would be a good fit for me because the Arlington community is one that celebrates its students and respects its staff. I love how Arlington uplifts its students, and honors their accomplishments no matter how great or small,” he said.

Outside of school, he enjoys being with his family and doing normal day-to-day things . “When I’m not teaching, I’m usually geeking out over movies/TV, and video games, making terrible puns, or fan-girling over Queen Beyonce. Okay let’s be real. I do all that while I’m teaching,” said Dudek. “I love spending time with friends and family, gaming, working out/rock climbing, and listening to new music. Music is my second love and I’m always trying out listening to new things, curating playlists and obnoxiously singing/dancing in my car,” he added. Being such a young teacher, he’s really current and up to date.

“He knows what kind of music we listen to it and what kind of apps we use,” said freshman Katherine Kamel. Dudek is a teacher who enjoys and is passionate about his job and students.
“He’s very helpful in class he won’t let you fail,”said freshman Michael Gidecumb. Dudek exemplifies everything a teacher should be. He’s someone who truly enjoys teaching and this is seen through his students’ eyes.

Aaron Dudek talks to students during class.