Top 10 seniors recall their high school experiences

•Michael Godwin
Rank: 1 GPA: 4.54

College: UC Berkeley Major: Environmental Economics and Politics. Favorite Teacher:

Favorite Teacher:
“My favorite teacher is my dad because I liked his class and the topics were interesting.” Best memory:

Best memory:“I liked my last track meet; it was a lot of fun, but it sucked.” Hobbies:

“I like to play my guitar and listen to a lot of music.” Advice for other students: “Make good use of your time and don’t procrastinate too much.”

Advice for other students: “Make good use of your time and don’t procrastinate too much.”


•Seth Speerstra

Rank: 2 GPA: 4.5
College: UCR Major: Filmmaking
Favorite teacher: “Mr. Donde, because he is experienced and knows everything.” Best memory: “Lunch with my friends.” Hobbies:

Best memory: “Lunch with my friends.” Hobbies:

“I like to play video games in my free time.” Advice for other students:

Advice for other students:“Don’t take five AP classes in one year.”


•Jessica Rogers
Rank: 3 GPA: 4.44

College: Northwestern College (Iowa) Major: Undeclared Favorite Teacher:

Favorite Teacher:“I would say Dr. Howell, Mrs. Burdeaux, and Mr. Costa have the biggest hearts and all want nothing but the best for their students.’’ Best Memories: “My best memories from high school are of my dance team national’s and spring show junior year.” Hobbies:

Best Memories: “My best memories from high school are of my dance team national’s and spring show junior year.” Hobbies:

Hobbies:“I love to dance for fun outside of school; I enjoy reading and playing with my dogs and pet pig.” Advice for other students:
“I recommend students to get involved at school whether it be sports, clubs, or other activities in order to get the best high school experience.”



•Rachel Ornelas
Rank: 4 GPA: 4.43

College: UC Berkeley Major: Nuclear Engineering

Favorite teacher: “Mr. Stearns and Mrs. Moses are my favorite teachers because they are like parents looking out for me.”

Best Memory: “My best memory was getting Mock Trial team to Elite 8.”

Hobbies:“I like eating, playing with my cat Beans, and sleeping.”



•Gwen Spencer Rank: 5 GPA: 4.41

College: Brigham Young University. Major: Biology Favorite teacher:

Favorite teacher:“My favorite teacher is Dr. Niechayev; she inspires me to look at the world in new and different ways.”
Hobbies:“I love reading, photography, baking, hiking, and rock climbing.” Advice for other student:
“It is better to look up.”- Thomas S. Monson



•Elizabeth Ross
Rank: 6 GPA: 4.39

College: UC San Diego Major: Molecular Biology

Favorite teacher: “My favorite teacher is Mrs. Quijada; this school year she has pushed me to do things outside my comfort zone.”

Best Memories: “My best memory is sitting next to Carmen Garcia in Mr. Lee’s class freshman year.” Hobbies: “I enjoy spending my free time with my two dogs Coby and Chip.”

Advice for other students: “Challenge yourself to do something you wouldn’t normally do.”



•Celeste Alvarado Rank: 7 GPA: 4.32

College: UCLA Major: Biology Favorite Teacher:

Favorite Teacher:“Mr. Lee is my favorite teacher because he has been the most supportive teacher and has never let me down.’’

Best Memory:“My best memories are going to the football games.”

Hobbies: “I read, draw, and hang out with friends.”

Advice for other students: “Take AP classes you are interested in and don’t procrastinate.”



•Rochelle Deriquito

Rank: 8 GPA: 4.31

College: UC Davis Major: Plant Science Best Memory:

Favorite Teacher: “Mr.Godwin because I laughed and learned a lot in his class. He taught me how to truly read a book.” Best Memory:

Best Memory: “When I was working on a lab for my AP environmental science class during junior year.” Hobbies: “I like to draw, read, play board games, and badminton.” Advice for other students: “I’d advise them to know their limits and do their jobs well.”



•Michelle Martinez
Rank: 9 GPA: 4.31

College: UCR Major: Biology

Favorite teacher: “Mr. Watkins. I really enjoyed taking AP Biology.”

Best Memory: “Hanging out with friends at lunch.”

Hobbies: Reading and sleeping

Advice for other students: “Do your work completely and turn it in on time.”

•Carmen Garcia

Rank: 10 GPA: 4.3

College: UC San Diego Major: Bioengineering

Favorite teacher: “Mr. Lee has been my backbone the last four years, Mr. Stearns pushed me to do my best and Mr. Donde taught me to not doubt myself and always trust my instinct.”

Hobbies: “I like to go to crazy concerts and music festivals.”

Advice for other students: “Even when you want to give up, keep going. Everything in life is challenging; it’s all just perspective. When you make it to the next chapter of your life, you just reflect and realize all your worries were smaller than you made them out be.”