The Roaring Times

Oldies make a comeback among students

Tatiana Barrios, Sports Editor

April 10, 2018

Major differences and changes are clearly visible not only in our new generation as a whole, but also in smaller and much more popular aspects such as music. Among the majority of millenials that surround us every day still lie...

Volleyball isn’t just for girls

Annica Ortega, Photography Editor

March 22, 2018

When you first think of volleyball, many people think of girls serving and hitting a ball over the net, but Coach  Brittany Harvey has decided to break that gender role by making an official AHS boys volleyball team. A new...

Holiday concerts to bring out spirit of season

Tatiana Barrios, Sports Editor

November 27, 2017

The holidays are just around the corner, so what other way to spend it than at a place full of wonderful holiday music! If your favorite holiday music is the classic instrumental and choir performances, visiting the Walt Disney...

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